The way we emerge from the current pandemic and the way we organize the reconstruction of our social, governmental and economic processes is our next chance, perhaps the last one, to re-adjust previous beliefs, values and actions in order to ensure the healthy survival of earth and its numerous living creatures. It will certainly need a significant readjustment on the activities of the human beings who seem central to that survival or otherwise. I suspect that even the very talented and capable people who are most able to discover and guide us in that direction will be hard pressed to find the way to accomplish that.

Is democracy the way? Is dictatorship the way? Is the communities’ involvement important? How will we organize and decide on the new directions? Can we just leave it the current processes of influence and authority? How will we reset the principles that should be followed? From where will the needed new leadership emerge? Is trust important? Can we believe in and share honesty? Is it worth discussing?

Ray Spaxman